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Stainless Tie Down Ring (SKU: RVTR4)

  • $37.00

Product Description

Now when you go to a fly-in and park that beautiful airplane you no longer have to thread in an ugly tie down ring.

This annealed stainless tie down ring looks classy and performs well.

1 7/8" overall with a 0.8" major diameter.  Threaded stud is 1 1/8" long with 1" of 3/8"-16 threads.

- Sold as individual rings -

Computer analysis shows distortion at 2000lbf, but actual testing resulted in block shear in the aluminum tie down block at 1500lbf. using a hard link from the ring to the pulling force.  Using 1/2" nylon rope between the ring and the pulling force resulted in the rope doubling in length at 1000lbf and the testing machine running out of travel.  After these tests we are confident in the strength of the rings.


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