Toolkit - Van's RV-4, -6, -7, -8 or -9

So you're gonna build and airplane? Congrats and welcome to the club. Our tool kit is based on more than 25 years of partnership with Van's RV builders. Our RV-4 even won the Grand Champion Lindy from EAA in '89. Since we're For Builders, By Builders we include only the tools make for a great build experience and an impressive result. For example, we believe tools like a pop rivet puller or snips can be purchased most economically at your local stores so you won't find them included in our kit. Learn more about what makes the difference to your build through our videos and new builder publication.

This complete toolkit for Van's RV models RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, RV-8, and RV-9 airframes was put together based on what most Van's RV builders get by the time they are done building the airframe.

Compare our tools with those of our competitors and see for yourself why Cleaveland Tools are the finest quality available, and why any others are just a compromise!

CHOICE 1: Select Your Drill

CHOICE 2: Select Your Bench Dimpler

CHOICE3: Select Your Squeezer

Are You Building A Standard or Quickbuild Airframe Kit?

The only difference between tool kits for Standard and Quickbuild projects are the number of clekos needed. If you select Quickbuild, we'll reduce the number of clekos for you below.

Standard Kit Items

$135.00 ea.
$38.00 ea.
$31.90 ea.

Kit starting at: $2,587.12

Starting Discount: $206.97

8% discount and any changes made to the kit contents here will be applied at checkout.

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