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About Us

For more than forty years my family has owned and built experimental airplanes. We’ve been sharing our knowledge and favorite tools as Cleaveland Aircraft Tool for more than 25 years. Our experience with building techniques, process and our relentless eye for quality should be evident in the selection of tools and accessories we carry for metal aircraft.

Our riveting and Van's RV-specific products are designed and manufactured by us to ensure the highest standard of production and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their performance.

We believe that superior tools are a pleasure to use and inferior tools are only a frustration. Through teaching builders’ classes, we’ve seen that even a novice builder quickly improves and their technique can soon outpace the quality their tools can deliver. Ask any experienced builder; we all have a box full of tools purchased at “bargain” prices that proved to be inadequate for the job.

While others might suggest “upgrade options” to nearly every tool they sell—we remain committed to carrying only the tools that make the difference—and when you can pick something up locally for less, we’ll say so.

Happy building and smooth skies,

Mike Lauritsen, for the family