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Pneumatic Squeezer - No Yoke

Pneumatic Squeezer - No Yoke (SKU: SNB214)

  • $599.00

Product Description

  • This Pneumatic Squeezer is manufactured in the US using all new components. 
  • Now INCLUDES the Adjustable Set Holder, no shim washers or changing sets.
  • All moving parts are heat treated and tempered to ensure trouble free service. 
  • 3000lb squeezer rating for dimpling and setting 3/32" and 1/8" rivets.  
  • This type of squeezer requires a larger initial investment than the manual type, however, it will speed up dimpling and riveting. 
  • The uniformity of dimples and rivets will be superior to those squeezed by hand.
  • One pair of quick change yoke pins are included (SQP20).
  • This item is sold without a required yoke.  See Yokes, or order in a Kit with a yoke.


Squeezer Instructions, Setup & Troubleshooting - How to operate and also Solutions to the, "I can't squeeze a rivet," problem.

Squeezer SetupTable  - Dimensions table which is a quick start guide for setting rivets with the squeezer.


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