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Main Squeeze - Model 22

Main Squeeze - Model 22 (SKU: SCH22)

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Product Description

Lightweight hand squeezer for dimpling skins and squeezing rivets

30% Lighter Weight, 65% Less Effort Required! 

  • This squeezer outperforms all other squeezers on the market.
  • As with all of the tools we sell, pull it out of the box and give it a try, if you don't agree, send it back.
  • We recommend the 3" reach yoke for general applications (available in kit also).
  • The larger yokes tend to get heavy for repeated work.
  • Yokes sold separately. (to say it yet again, the price above is for squeezer body only yokes are purchased separately depending on the size required)
  • Quick change yoke pins (SQP-20) included with this squeezer.

NOTE:  This squeezer is intended for 3/32" & 1/8" solid Aluminum rivets only.



    Why should you choose The Cleaveland Hand Squeezer

  • Manufactured from 6061-T6 Aluminum, with anodized finish.
  • Weight (no yoke) is 19oz. (29oz. for next lightest competitor).
  • Size is 13-1/4" L, 3-1/8" W and 15/16" D (without yoke).
  • Force required to set an AN470-4-2.5 is 22.4 lbs. at the end of the handles (64 lbs. for Tatco & Avery).
  • This unit does not use the standard cam action found on all other squeezers.
  • A new innovative patented design sets the rivet with 35% of the force required on other models.
  • Threaded ram is easily adjustable to compensate for various rivet lengths & dimple dies.
  • Quick change yoke pins allow you to rapidly change yokes without using tools.
  • The Cleaveland Hand Squeezer accepts pneumatic 214C style yokes which can be used on a pneumatic squeezer body.
  • Compare quality, features and price of other hand squeezers and you will find this is an outstanding value!


    The Cleaveland Hand Squeezer Story 

    All of the hand squeezers on the market today are a variation of the first version that was designed for "Rosie the Riveter" in WWII.  At that time words like "ergonomics" or "carpal tunnel syndrome" were not in anyone's vocabulary and no one cared.  Our country was fighting for it's life.
    But this is the 21st century.  Quality materials, CAD design techniques, high speed prototyping, and computer controlled machining centers allow us to do what was never possible before.
    Cleaveland Aircraft Tool offers a 21st century version of the hand rivet squeezer!
    This new hand squeezer takes advantage of a different method of increasing mechanical advantage.  Only a small amount of power needs to be applied to the handles.  No more grunting and groaning.  No more pectoral muscle cramps.  You can now set 1/8" rivets with minimal effort.  If you have tried another squeezer, this squeezer will amaze you!

Download Squeezer Instructions    

Click Here for squeezer setup dimensions table (a quick start guide for adjusting the squeezer).

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