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B70 Edge Deburring Blade

B70 Edge Deburring Blade (SKU: DBB70)

  • $7.90

Product Description

  • Carbide V-shaped blade for deburring edges of aluminum sheets up to 1/8 thick. 
  • Fits DBS-33 handle (0.1" diameter shank; may not fit handles for 0.125" shank bits).
  • Carbide tipped. Deburrs sheetmetal up to 0.14" (3.5 mm) thick.

Q :   I bought the Edge Deburring Blade (DBB70) and the 3-Piece Aluminum Debur Handle (DBS33) from Cleaveland Tool.  The two tool bits that come with the Debur Handle “click” into place easily.  However, the Edge Deburring Blade bit does not “click” into place at all with the handle.  I can still get the Blade bit to fit and it does work but I feel like it may fall out of the handle if I’m not careful.   Is there something (a technique or trick) I need to do to get the Blade bit to stay securely in the handle?

A:   There is a single divot in the V bit where the others have a concentric groove.  This is so the V bit does not rotate while using.  You need to move the bit around until the ball on the handle finds the divot in the shaft.

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