Compression Type Dimpling Tool (SKU: DRDT2)

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Product Description

drdt-2 from experimental aero

DRDT-2  (Dash 2) is a welded steel c-frame rivet dimpler.   With its simple mechanical advantage, dimpling is virtually noise free. With a fully adjustable die holder you can achieve consistent and accurate dimples.  The DRDT-2 incorporates a new low force spring return system that prevents skin damage from the accidental release of the handle without increasing the force required to dimple.  22 throat depth allows dimpling of up to 44 wide sheets. The relief under the lower frame member provides dimpling access to spars, ribs, leading edge skins.

The DRDT-2 is powder coated and comes ready to dimple (minor assembly required).

DRDT-2 Setup and Operations Manual

Operational note: The DRDT-2 weighs approximately 55 lbs and should be clamped securely to a sturdy work surface.


Weight: 60 lbs                

Size: 28X16X3

Capacity: Up to 22 depth        

Gap: 4

Skin thickness: Up to 0.040 Aluminum.

Dimple Dies: 3/16 shank Diameter (Industry standard) **



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Weight: 60 lbs
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