Wedge-Loc Cleko-Type Fastener

Wedge-Loc Cleko-Type Fastener (SKU: CL332-300)

  • $253.59

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Product Description

ATTENTION: We are SOLD OUT of Wedge-Loc Fasteners.  Due to COVID our manufacturer is severely delayed. We will be SOLD OUT, possibly through March 2021.

PRE-ORDERS: Please place a separate order just for the Fasteners. This will keep the rest of your items from being delayed by the shortage.  Thank you.

We have a substitute of the Kwik-Loc brand for a reduced price.

FYI: New builders, you need 10- 3/16",  50- 1/8" and 150- 3/32" to get started.

  • Spring-loaded plunger type fasteners used to hold drilled components together tightly prior to riveting.
  • Operated using cleko pliers.
  • Steel bodies are plated in different colors to distinguish sizes.
    • Silver = 3/32" or #40
    • Copper = 1/8" or #30
    • Black = 5/32" or #21
    • Brass = 3/16" or #12
  • Made By Monogram Aerospace.
  • Work smoothly, hold tightly.
  • The highest quality clekos available.
  • We guarantee they work better than any other brand or send them back!


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