RV7 Left & Right - Back And Bottom Cushion Set

RV7 Left & Right - Back And Bottom Cushion Set


  • $285.00


  • 2 - Seat Backs (with adjustable lumbar support not shown)
  • 2 - Seat 'Wedges' that fill the seat pan
  • 2 - Seat Bottoms that sit on the wedge or (into the seat pan for taller pilots)
  • Foam set does not come with cutting or stitching patterns for DIY covering
  • See additional important notes below

We have been making these foam sets for use in our interiors since 1988.  The conforfoam is in the seat bottom only because that is where it is effective.  The weight of the body allows the comforfoam to mold to the body, wallet, seams, etc. for a more comfortable ride.  The other areas are made from a high density, high resiliency foam to support your weight rather than sink through it as you would in an all conforfoam seat.

Many are familiar with the foam that Van's Aircraft sells in their accessory catalog.  Their supplier liked our design so much, that it is virtually the same as ours, but there are a few distinct differences that should be noted.  Our foam sets were designed to be covered with fabric, we want the foam to press into the fabric covering to provide tension from the inside giving the bolstered look and feel to the seat.  Due to this oversizing, the seat foam will not be a 'drop in' fit to the aircraft as it is roughly an inch too large in width and length.  If you want the pillowcase look rather than fitted, the foam is easy to cut.  We use an electric knife (think turkey carving).

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