Household Use - Tire Inflation Tool

Household Use - Tire Inflation Tool (SKU: VSI15)

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Product Description

Modeled after our wildly popular VSI50 valve stem inflation tool that has a long snout to reach in through wheel pants to air up tires, this is the home version for tires without the need for the long snout. 

  • 1.25 Gauge Graduated 0-50psi.  Useful Range 10-60psi
  • 1/4 FPT Air Inlet
  • Air Outlet fits standard Schrader Valve - Push Straight On
  • Working length from end of valve stem to edge of gauge is 2.5
  • Dimensions are 9.25 x 3 x 2 - 1/2 max diameter.

Simply push on tire valve - read gauge - depress fill lever - release fill level - read gauge - repeat as necessary!  Press small brass button on side to deflate.

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