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Flat Squeezer Sets (SKU: SSF2)

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Product Description

  • Used to set flush side of flush rivets.
  • 1/8" body length x 1/2" diameter.
  • Made from 17-4 stainless steel.
  • 3/16" shank for inserting into standard tooling.
  • Flat "set" refers to an individual piece. (They "set" rivets)

Squeezer Set Terminology

These squeezer sets are individually referred to as a set.  Each piece is used to 'set' a rivet.  Depending on your application you may need a 'cupped set', and a 'flat set' or two 'flat sets'.  The term 'set' does not imply more than one piece.

Happy Building -

Special Information for ALL Van's RV Builders about trailing-edge-specific flat sets:

The (2) tools are made specifically / on purpose this way (the dies have different angles and are turned opposite directions on purpose) for two different tasks in squeezing the trailing edge rivets on Van’s Aircraft control surfaces (note there are two different style control surfaces).

The RED tool (identified with the RED heat shrink tubing—Part No. SSF14—is ONLY TO BE USED ON THE RV14 ELEVATORS  as these elevators have a reverse angle (that is --  the trailing edge is thicker on the back edge and is thinner about 3/4"forward of the trailing edge).  The RED tool will ONLY BE USED ON THE RV-14 ELEVATORS—it will not work on any of the other RV Aircraft control surfaces as those control surfaces (rudders / ailerons / flaps)  are constructed differently.  

The BLUE tool (identified with the BLUE heat shrink tubing—Part No. SSF679—is for all the Van’s Aircraft control surfaces that the trailing edges taper to a point (the control surfaces have a constant taper over the entire cord down to the trailing edge that comes to a point). The BLUE tool works on the RV-14 rudder / ailerons / & flaps (BUT NOT THE RV-14 ELEVATORS – AS THAT NEEDS THE RED TOOL).   Also, the BLUE tool works on all the other RV kits that have the control surfaces that taper to a thin edge.

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