Taylor 3X Rivet Gun

Taylor 3X Rivet Gun


  • $275.00

ATTENTION: Due to COVID we have been caught by surprise by the demand of this product, as has the manufacturer. We are out of the red handles and currently substituting the uncoated silver handle.  We expect to be completely out of parts in a week or so. At that point we will notify customers of the back order and expected full date (May 15th 2020)

Taylor Rivet Guns Feature:
  • 3X Gun- up to 3/16" rivet capacity.
  • Extra sensitive teasing throttle for full control.
  • Hardened tool steel piston & alloy steel cylinder for long life.
  • Spool valve provides slow heavy blows needed to drive rivets.
  • Accepts .401" diameter shank rivet sets.
  • East to handle - light and compact.
  • Made to operate on 90psi air pressure.
  • EZ change retaining spring included.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • See also 2X gun, 4X gun and 2X Sioux gun.
  • Replacement spring available.

Use air flow regulator to adjust for different rivet sizes and lengths.

Note: DO NOT mistake an "Air Hammer" or "Muffler Tool" for a Rivet Gun.  Such tools are not intended to be used for riveting.  They hit too hard and too fast.  They are not controllable and will ruin your project.



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