Adel Clamp Pliers

Adel Clamp Pliers (SKU: ACP09)

  • $44.94

Product Description

Never again fight Adel Clamp installations! This kit allows quick, easy, and repeatable clamp installations the first time every time.  It works with single or multiple clamp installations and is guaranteed to work. Single, double, triple, and even five clamps can easily be aligned, clamped, and screwed or bolted together in as little as one minute. You can literally save hours of frustration on a single engine installation.

The manufacturer SMA Tools is a general aviation aircraft repair shop with a strong emphasis on experimental aircraft maintenance. 

Adel clamps are installed on virtually all aircraft, large and small. They are still the gold standard for long term securing hoses and wiring on aircraft.  Anyone who has ever worked on an airplane for any time has experienced the frustration of installing Adel clamps, especially multiple clamp installations.  Often the mechanic resorts to using tie wraps just because it is easier, even when he knows they are not permanent and don't provide adequate chafing protection.  These pliers work perfectly and turn a frustrating operation into a virtual no brainer with consistent and predictable results.  They make the job so easy that a mechanic is inclined to do a better job at securing things with the proper clamps because it is so easy.


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