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Single Flute Countersink Cutter

Single Flute Countersink Cutter (SKU: CCSF40)

  • $21.19

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Product Description

  • Single flute won't leave wavy chatter marks in the bottom of the countersink like the 3-flute will.
  • Single flute are much more aggressive, do not push on them like the 3-flute!
  • 100 degree single flute.
  • 3/8 body diameter.
  • 1/4-28 thread
  • Use with micro stop units (CT-196, CT-360& CT-365).

Notice:  Due to the geometry of  these cutters the pilot is back cut a bit making the pilot weaker (especially the #40).  We find that about 10% of the #40 pilots end up having the pilots break off when used under a side load.  CAT does not warranty for this, use at your own risk.

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