Dimple Die Set - Rivet Size (SKU: DIE4263)

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Select sizes needed via the drop down menu, one at a time.

  • This size required for Van's RV kits.
    • 426-3
    • 426-4
    • See also screw sizes for #6 and #8 screws
  • Spring back angle on both die faces. (read more about springback here)
  • Minimizes skin deformation.
  • Skins remain very flat!
  • Precision manufactured on our CNC machine.
  • Stainless Steel - Heat treated.
  • Polished dimpling surfaces.
  • Don't make 14,000 mistakes on your airplane.
  • See also DIE-KIT.
  • We guarantee these dies work better than any others or we will give you a refund!

* Tank Dies make a deeper dimple to allow for the layer of sealant between the rivet and the skin.  Rivet will sit flush with the skin's surface.  These are optional and used on skin and substructure of tanks only.

* Substructure Dies make deeper dimples that allow skin to nest in the substructure without the traditional gap between skins.  These are optional and used on entire substructure.

Building a Van's RV Series Kit? CLICK HERE to see which dies are recommended for your airplane.

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